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How to Strengthen our Health &Wealth ?

Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth


Take a Deep Breath & Relax,Enjoy the Natural pleasure In Life.
Nature has given Every person of their own inner  Strength,the moment we relax receive the right flow.
Health & Wealth is important,but they both must carry mind & body positive power  improvement.
The Clean income of Health & Wealth have their own Happiness & Positivism .
If Our Health & Wealth doesn't carry natural happiness then it's not useful income.
A river like to move always, cause it is a Natural task of river.when it flows direction to the ocean it's alive inside.when it's stop somewhere it becomes dirty & losing its own nature.
Similarly our life has its own natural direction  to the flows. That is why just naturally moving is called life.Happiness is our target of any small action.
When we exercise out our body get more oxygen, similarly more important is to be fit in mind.
It's always helpful exercise our mind to be relaxed for some times in a day.
Leave everything..close your eyes..realize you are a part of nature..
Relaxed mind gives better energy.
This is little sharing,it's gives us Joy.

Thank you.


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